Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Weekend Retreat - Photos

We setup the room with a surprise at every table! First surprise was they each got their OWN TABLE it's 6 feet round! That's a lot of room. I had my Cricut on one side with all my computer stuff and supplies on the other and it was great! (that's Linda's backside! Linda and Betty were awesome helpers at the event and Patti was a huge help before the event! Couldn't have done it without them!)
The second surprise was a small goody bag with a stamp set, water bottle filled with candy and some samples of bling (diamond frames, flowers, ribbon, etc...) Plus the current and next catalog.

Here are the girls that came for the weekend!

Here we are making a 3D Cupcake Gift Card holder!
We learned what a Scoring Tool was and expanded our cutter's capabilities!

We learned how dangerous the HOT glue gun can be! I don't know if you can tell by this picture, but the group loved the idea of being all in one room that they moved all the tables into one large circle so no-one was left out.

Folding after scoring - very labor intense - I promise an easier project next time!

There was even sewing in this one but we had a blast - lots of laughing! Oh, and that's ME in the middle - do I look nervous?

I'll post more pictures soon - Patti's got a few more good ones from Spa Day!